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The unique Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan formula Fucoidan Mix was recognized by the American Association of Immunologists in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016; reports on Fucoidan's functions to increase the activities of immune cells and inhibit abnormal cells growth were also published.

Published in Immunology 2012, the annual journal of the AAI:

Enhancement of NC cell activity and Th1 immunity in healthy subjects by orally administered fucoidan mix.

Published in Immunology 2013, the annual journal of the AAI:

Protective effects of orally administered fucoidan mix on immunosuppression by an experimental abnormal cells chemotherapy.

Published in Immunology 2014, the annual journal of the AAI:

Immune enhancing effects of fucoidan-agaricus mix under treatment of an immunosuppressive anti-abnormal cells agent.

Published in Immunology 2016, the annual journal of the AAI:

Augmentation of salivary IgA production in healthy subjects by fucoidan-agaricus mix ingestion.