Fucoidan let my daughter escape from amputation

“Fucoidan let my daughter escape from amputation”

Patient:Miss Leung 14 years old

Fucoidan let my daughter escape from amputation

Patient:Miss Leung
Age:14 years old
Nationality: Hong Kong, China
Place of residence:Hong Kong

Early June of 2009, my daughter was diagnosed as stage 4 of abnormal cells in the upper left femur. This terrible news made me and my husband feeling very hopeless, fearing that we may lose our daughter one day. We often cried together over our daughter’s disease condition.

By mid June, doctors administered three chemotherapy sessions for our daughter. The side effects from the chemotherapy made my daughter losing her appetite, and also vomit frequently. Her spirit was very weak, and we were heartbroken. MRI test scheduled early August for our daughter showed that the chemotherapy was not every effective and not much abnormal cells were destroyed.

Our hearts sank again by this news. Our daughter was then referred to another hospital. After reviewing the report on our daughter, the doctors at that hospital suggested amputation surgery as fast as possible; otherwise our daughter’s life is in danger. The doctor’s suggestion made us feel even more helpless – as parents, we do not wish to have our daughter to have amputation, but at the same time her life is also important. We could not make the decision from these two very difficult choices. My husband learned about two books on the anti-abnormal effect by fucoidan through newspaper advertisement end July.

Curious about the effect, we bought the books. The books introduced the functions of fucoidan and successful stories, which brought a bit of hope for us. Thinking why not give it a try, we ordered Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan for my daughter. Initially, she took 3 bottles of drink type fucoidan everyday, 1 in the morning, half-bottle each at noon and in the evening, then 1 more bottle before sleeping. After 2 weeks, we increased the intake dosage to 4 bottles per day. After taking fucoidan, our daughter’s appetite and spirit have both improved significantly. Because of my daughter’s condition was severe, my husband and I will need to decide by mid August whether to allow her to undergo amputation. However, clinging to the last bit of hope on fucoidan, we insisted the doctor to perform another MRI test for our daughter. We were greatly elated with the test results. The doctors said that our daughter would no longer need amputation. She could keep her leg bone and only surgically remove parts of the bone and muscle with abnormal cells, which would then be fitted with metal struts. Although the procedure was very complicated, it was much better than having an amputation of her lege. I also wish to thank the doctors for their treatment and care. After the surgery, the doctors examined the removed bone, and the test results showed that 95% of abnormal cells had been destroyed!

This was an unexpexcted great news to us and our doctors. Both my husband and I believed that Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan has helped greatly in our daughter’s treatment.

I hope that in the coming days, Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan can completely clear the abnormal cells for our daughter, so that she can go back to study normally in the school and grow up happily and healthily.

Note: on May 24 2010, Mr Leung called us and was happy to inform us that their daughter's abnormal cells have been eradicated completely.