Fucoidan made the 3cm dreadful tissue disappeared!

“Fucoidan made the 3cm dreadful tissue disappeared!”

Patient:Mr. Tae Eo 72 years old

Fucoidan made the 3cm dreadful tissue disappeared!

Patient:Mr. Tae Eo
Age:72 years old
Place of residence:La Habra, CA, USA.

On May 8th of 2008, while undergoing neck ultrasound examination at the Chung hospital in La Habra, the doctor discovered that I had some abnormal cells. In August of same year, I had the surgery to remove them.  But doctor observed the abnormal cells had been metastasising during the surgery though it didn't show in the ealier X-ray examination.

In March of 2009, the dreadful tissue has grown to 3cm, and what was worrying was that there were also 25 small dreadful tissue in my lungs. 

In April of 2009, I went to Tijuana, Mexico, to undergo I.P.T. chemotherapy (low dosage chemotherapy). Before this, I ate 100% raw food and vegetable juices to fight against dreadful cells, but there were no effects. The treatment in Mexico had some effects, the dreadful tissue did not grow larger and did not metastasize. However, I was hoping for the abnormal tissue to decrease and disappear entirely, therefore I was not satisfied. With disappointment I looked for other health supplements. I heard about the advertisement of Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan through radio, but my decision to purchase the product was based on a neighbor’s recommendation. He has benefited from Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan before.

I purchased the capsule type on January 7th, 2010, and started taking 10 capsules per day, however after a few months I did not observe any changes. I then decided to visit the retailer’s office and consulted with the service personnel, and to see other patients' testimonials and the dosages they had taken.

After discussing with them, I decided to increase the daily dosage to 30 capsules: 7 capsules each before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 9 capsules before sleeping at night. After 2-3 days, I felt my body getting warmer, and had better energy, but there were a few red spots that appeared on my neck and arm. After taking 30 capsules per day for 40 days straight, my energy has significantly improved, and the color was returning to my face. My family and friends have noted that I was looking much better now.

When I was taking 10 capsules previously, I always felt cold and put on many clothes, and disliked going out. This was very strange considering the local warm weather. After taking 20 capsules, I could walk 30 minutes outside and didn’t feel cold. Additionally, because I was exercising and training more, the yellow sputum has gradually disappeared as well. I went for CT scanning in April, which showed that the dreadful tissue was still at 3cm. Worried that the abnormal cells may metastasize to the bones, I then received MRI check after 2 weeks, but did not find any new disease loci. Skeptical about this report, I went to the Cyberknife Hospital for PET scanning. Doctor said that 30% of abnormal cells were in this vicinity. Ultrasound report showed that there was a 3cm dreadful tissue, and the white blood cell has risen from 4k/ul to 5.9k/ul Many reports confirmed that there is a 3cm dreadful tissue. So I decided to undergo surgery to have the dreadful tissue removed. However, during surgery on June 8th, doctors found that the dreadful tissue has disappeared. While it was a great news, I was nevertheless annoyed for having the surgery for nothing. The surgery also resulted in pneumonia and measles infection, and for 10 days I felt my whole body itching from top to bottom. To get rid of these complications, I received measles vaccination.

I think the most difficult part was not the abnormal cells treatment, but the post-surgical complications like pneumonia and measles. Whatever happens in the future, I will not undergo any kind of surgery. In the first 22 months of my abnormal cells treatment, I received enema therapy, raw food therapy and chemotherapy, but to me the most effective was fucoidan. It helped me overcome the dreadful tissue, and did so in only 3 months. After PET scanning, the doctors said that the 25 small abnormal tissues in my lungs have disappeared, and only 2 tissues of 1.5cm in size are left. To prevent abnormal cells from metastasizing to other organs, I will continue to take 30 fucoidan capsules per day for the next few months. If the abnormal cells in my lungs have improved, I will then gradually reduce my intake to only 20 capsules.

Note: the customer has now completely recovered.