After taking Fucoidan, the abnormal cells in the neck disappeared

“After taking Fucoidan, the abnormal cells in the neck disappeared”

Patient:Mr. Chang 64 years old

After taking Fucoidan, the abnormal cells in the neck disappeared

Patient:Mr. Chang
Age:64 years old
Place of residence:New Taipei City

After taking Fucoidan, the abnormal cells along my chins disappeared, and I no longer has to endure uncomfortable attention from others.

I am currently 64 years old and live in New Taipei City, Taiwan. In April last year (2015) there were swollen lumps along my cheeks, so my family suggested me to go the hospital to have them checked out. The doctors suggested more tests, and I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal abnormal cells, and has metastasized to the nearby areas, causing swelling. The PET scan also showed that I have abnormal cells in stomach. I was greatly surprised and distressed after hearing the news.

Later, I was given a book called 逼迫異細胞自殺 (forcing the abnormal cells to suicide) by Dr Daisuke Tachikawa.  I read the cases in the book.  There were patients due to being elderly that they could not accept to have the related treatment that they could recover by only applying UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan.  Also, because I am elderly and do not want to go through the required treatment.  I would like very much to give a try when I read this information!

I called up to the Customer Service Centre of UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan briefing them my disease, the Customer Service lady suggested me to take 30 capsules a day, to be divided into 4 times a day (early morning, noon, at night and before sleep).

The original size of the lump along my cheek was about a fist’s size.   It had been reduced to its half size after taking fucoidan for about 2 weeks’ time.  Family members felt it was a miracle! Then, Whenever I had completed taking a bottom of fucoidan capsule, I coughed up a black clot which is of a thumb’s size.  I had this situation for about 10 times and I felt much comfortable each time after coughing up.

Feeling UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan has the effect to embrace the abnormal cells, let them die and were discharged. After a consultation with Dr Daisuke Tachikawa, they were the abnormal clots discharged from the nasopharyngeal disease!

Before taking UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan, because having the big swollen lump along my cheek making people paying their unusual attention to me when going out.  After taking the fucoidan for almost 3 months, the swollen lump had been reduced substantially and I did not have to bear with others’ unusual attention to me.  In addition, I had soft stool before, I could now have the normal stool in pieces after taking UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan.  One morning, the stool looked like a mass of things, so different from normal ones.  They were in black giving me a bad sense of unusual clots, I guessed should be the abnormal clots discharged from my stomach. I then had good spirit and good stools and no uncomfortable feeling with my stomach.  So far, I still continue to take 30 capsules a day.  I hope UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan could help me to get rid of the abnormal cells!

I felt so panic when I firstly knew having this dreadful disease. Since taking the fucoidan helping me conquering the disease, I could now climb up the mountain with my friends on every Saturday, feeling so grateful and calm.  I would be so willing to refer UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan to those in need.

Effects depend on individuals, please consult doctor for details.