Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa's Description of case examples

Doctor's description of testimonial 1

Age 80 years, male, gastric problem

Due to the age of the patient, surgery is not an option, instead the treatment will be focusing on improving QOL.

── Could you share a example where a patient is taking Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan, while undergoing treatment?

The patient was admitted to the hospital for coughing up blood. A large abnormal cell was discovered at the entrance to the stomach after detailed diagnosis. This is what's referred to as a Borrmann type I(note: polypoid bulging type abnormal cell)mid to late stage gastric problem

Like the photo shows, a abnormal cell of this size, food will be blocked and the patient will have symptoms like vomiting The patient is also under considerable pain; however, due to his age at 80 years, he's concerned about undergoing surgery.

──So what treatment option did the patient select?

Since both the patient and family member refused surgery, after being sufficiently informed, the patient agreed to taking the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan. It is a mixture of fucoidan extracted from the Okinawan Mozuku brown seaweed, fucoidan from the kelp bud, and the mycelium of the Agaricus mushroom. The patient also suffered from diseases like cerebral infarction and angina, therefore he did not take anti-abnormal cells agents, and only used the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan to monitor the disease progression.

Case 1 /80 years, male gastric problem

Before usage

gastric problem

After taking Fucoidan for 2 months

gastric problem

The result of taking Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan 3,000mg per day: the abnormal cell has almost disappeared.

──How about the disease progression afterward?

After 2 months, what was once a large abnormal cell has shrunk to barely visible on image. Because of this change, the patient had better eating condition, and improved his vomiting symptoms. While the disease is not completely free, the abnormal cells has shrunk, and the vomiting and chest tightness symptoms have both been improved, therefore I think this was very significant for improving the patient's QOL.

Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa
Doctor's description of testimonial 2

Age in the 30s, female, ovarian problem

Monthly return checkup and taking the Umi No Shizuku Fucoudan, the QOL has not been decreased, and the patient lives comfortably.

───This is an ovarian problem patient age in the 30s.

When I first met her, she has ascites and her abdomen has swollen to almost like pregnancy. The patient was diagnosed there are abnormal cells in her left ovarian at the university hospital. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radio therapy were recommended to her. But the patient did not accept. Seeking second opinion, she came to see me at this hospital.

───What was your opinion?

My diagnosis was the same as the university hospital. Although I discussed with her that for her age, surgery is recommended, followed by chemotherapy and radio therapy, however the patient did not accept my recommendations. I thought she needed some time to think through carefully, so I asked her to wait for a week and then come back to discuss the treatment options. I was hoping for her to discuss with her family as well.

───Did the patient's state of mind change?

After a week, she returned to the hospital, but her decision remained the same That being so, as a doctor I should provide as much assistance as I could, so I started administering the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan .

───How was the disease progression?

There was a abnormal cell on the left side of the ovary. After about 2 years or more, the abnormal cell has been significantly shrunken. The marker of abnormal cells CA19-9 before treatment is 10,000 and more, and the CA125 is 1,000 or more; as you can see the value is very high; however, the marker levels have been decreased by about 10 times after a year, and have kept on declining since.

Case 2/30 years, female, ovarian problem

ovarian problem

Before usage

ovarian problem

After using for 1 year

ovarian problem

After using for 1 year 9 months

Taking the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan 8.0g per day, the abnormal cells has been decreased from 11cm to 6 cm. The markers of abnormal cells have also been decreased.

【Markers Of Abnormal Cell】

Before usage After using for 1 year After using for 1 year 9 months
CA19-9 (<37.0) 10,762.4 5,700 2,573 (U/ml)
CA125 (<35.0) 1,076.2 820 220.4 (U/ml)

Ascitic cell pathology examination

Before usage   After using for 1 year 9 months

Class V  →  Class II

Malignant, atypical cell; although identifiable as a-typical cells, they are not malignant.

The water accumulating in her abdomen is the bloody ascite. When observing under the microscope, you can see the Class V, malignant atypical cells. These are the abnormal cells. As the treatment continues, although we found Class II atypical cells, they have progressed to non-malignant status. The patient returns to the hospital once per month for ascite removal treatment. I am also by her side to observe closely her condition.

Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa
Doctor's description of testimonial 3

Male, 70 years old, kidney abnormal cells metastasized to lung

Abandoned chemotherapy due to severe side effects

Used Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan to improve QOL

───This patient received chemotherapy after surgery, is this right, doctor?

Abnormal cells was discovered in his left kidney and was removed at the university hospital. The abnormal cells has also metastasized to the lung. Before visiting this hospital, the patient has undergone molecular target therapy (Sutent, Nexavar, Afinitor) for two years, and has tried almost all kinds of anti-abnormal cells agent.

───What was your opinion?

However, as the treatment efficacy was not optimal, and the side effects were too severe, the chemotherapy has stopped based on the patient's quest. The patient was then given the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan and his disease progression was monitored.

───How was the disease progression?

As shown by the X-ray image, the number of abnormal cells have been decreased in less than a year , and the remaining abnormal cells have been decreased significantly. The marker of abnormal cells (BFP) has decreased from 128 to 53. From the perspective of the patient, to be liberated from the painful side effects of the chemotherapy is perhaps the best benefits for the body. After seeing the test results, I asked the patient to reduce the dosage of the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan by half, and continue the regimen.

Case 3/ 70 years of age, male, kidney abnormal cell → lung metastasis

Before usage

kidney abnormal cell

After taking for 11 months

kidney abnormal cell

Daily usage of Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan for 4.0g (2.0g after the test results), the abnormal cell has shrunk, and the marker of abnormal cells BFP has been reduced from 128 to 53. The QOL has also improved.

【Marker Of Abnormal Cells】

2012.3 2013.2
BFP(≦75) 128 53
Dr. Daisuke Tachigawa