Seminar on Fucoidan Therapy

With the increasing recognition of fucoidan among the general public, it has gradually become a new dietary habit and daily health supplement for contemporary individuals. Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan is honored to invite Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa, an expert from Japan with a medical doctorate, to hold a seminar in Hong Kong to provide detailed insights into the Japanese "Fucoidan Therapy" and share clinical case studies, allowing everyone to understand the benefits of various seaweeds.

Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa is the current Vice Director of the Aki Mizudou Wakanomiya Hospital in Japan and also a Professor at Kyushu University Graduate School. Dr. Tachikawa, as an expert in refractory diseases, has treated over 3,500 cases in approximately 20 years. Among these cases, more than 200 have utilized fucoidan therapy, which exhibits "induction of apoptosis in abnormal cells," "inhibition of abnormal cell angiogenesis," and "enhancement of immune response." Fucoidan therapy also aids in reducing the side effects of the treatment process .

Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa discovered the apoptotic function of fucoidan while researching cell apoptosis during his university studies. Through continuous research in this context, he and his specialized medical team developed a health supplement combining fucoidan Mix AG. He suggests that both individuals in good physical health and those suffering from refractory or other illnesses can use fucoidan therapy to maintain a strong immune system. Although 1 kilogram of seaweed contains about 10 grams of fucoidan, excessive consumption of seaweed might be detrimental to our health due to its salt content and other factors. Moderate consumption of seaweed is beneficial for health. However, for daily health maintenance or during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, fucoidan-based health supplements can be taken. Lastly, he encourages patients to smile more and maintain a positive and optimistic mindset. Furthermore, he advises paying attention to the quality of life. Overcoming refractory diseases and living harmoniously with abnormal cells not only require effective treatment but also maintain a good quality of life.

New arrival: Limited Edition 

Mr. Daisuke Kobayashi, Vice President of Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan, also made an important announcement that day regarding our new product, the "Limited Edition." In July of this year, Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan launched the new "Limited Edition" product in the Hong Kong market, which is an exquisite blend of Fucoidan extracted from Mozuku, Mekabu, and Gagome kelp. The fucoidan in Gagome kelp has the function of aggregating immune cells. Due to the rarity and limited production capacity of it, we have named this new product the "Limited Edition."


The "Limited Edition" has three unique features.

First, the fucoidan in the "Limited Edition" is sourced from the rare Gagome kelp, which can only be harvested in limited waters near Hokkaido, Japan.

Second , Gagome kelp possesses the capability to aggregate and reinforce the immune system, a benefit that other fucoidan products lack.

Third, our formulation has obtained a patent in Japan.

Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan utilizes the finest ingredients and employs stringent production processes, ensuring that our health supplements are highly safe and reliable for everyone. We strive to help you integrate a healthy lifestyle into your daily dietary routine to help you maintain a high quality of life . Together, let's embark on a healthy journey!

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