Quality Declaration

At Umi No Shizuku, we firmly uphold the principle that quality is paramount, and our brand represents a responsibility. We meticulously select top-tier raw materials and rigorously control our production processes. Each batch of our products undergoes thorough quality assessments. Additionally, we conduct independent inspections through JFRL and SGS annually to ensure strict adherence, further confirming the safety of Umi No Shizuku products.

In light of the "Japanese Tritium Wastewater Incident," Umi No Shizuku remains steadfast in closely monitoring the situation and implementing autonomous inspections. Notably, the products we currently offer have been recently produced and imported. Customers can have our assurance that they are safe for consumption. Moving forward, any newly manufactured or imported products will undergo intensified scrutiny to combat radiation pollution, ensuring the utmost product safety. Our commitment remains resolute in ensuring your secure consumption of brown algae extract, a naturally-derived nutritional supplement.

Attached are the 2023 SGS and JFRL inspection certification reports:

Fucoidan Umi No Shizuku customer center