For health conscious individuals

Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan – powder type

Fucoidan content: 100mg per pack (3g per box)

Each box contains: 30 packs x 1.5g


The main ingredients of powder type fucoidan are fucoidan extracts and Agaricus mycelium extracts. It also contains green tea, young barley leaves and brewer's yeast. Drink daily to replenish moisture and fiber and keeps you healthy. The powder has anti-oxidant effect and can improve the body's immune system functions, a perfect choice for health conscious individuals.


Mix the powder in warm or cold water. You may also add ice and make it a refreshing drink for summer time!

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  • Mozuku extract fucoidan

  • Mekabu extract fucoidan

  • Powdered Agaricus mycelium extract

  • Green tea

  • Young barley leaves

  • Brewer's yeast

Recommended dosage:

Daily 1-2 packs of powder type

*Dosage used may depend on the health condition of the user. Please call the Hong Kong customer service hotline (852) 2967 4560 for additional information.

(The effectiveness of the product may vary based on the health and body status of the user)

Price and discount savings :
Quantity: (box) 1 ~ 23or more
discount -~12%
Unit price/box $620$540