After taking Fucoidan for 6 months, the brain's abnormal cells disappeared

“After taking Fucoidan for 6 months, the brain's abnormal cells disappeared”

Patient:Ms. Park 38 years old

After taking Fucoidan for 6 months, the brain's abnormal cells disappeared

Patient:Ms. Park
Age:38 years old
Place of residence:South Korea

In August of 2008, while I was breastfeeding, I received the diagnosis report that I had abnormal cells in my upper part. With God's blessing, I successfully completed chemotherapy, surgery, and electrotherapy, and was back into my normal life. I began to feel a headache in January of 2010 but paid no attention to it as there were no abnormal test results during my regular physical check-ups. Therefore both my doctor and I were at ease and didn't think too seriously of it. However, my headache was getting worse by the end of March, so the doctor performed MRI scanning for me.

The result of the MRI was unexpected: my prefrontal cortex has an abnormal growth of about 3x3.3cm The doctor could not determine whether this growth was there before the breast abnormal cell surgery or was a metastasis. Fortunately, the growth was at a convenient location, so the doctor performed excision surgery to remove the growth. From that time, I strengthened my daily training, accepted steam therapy, and changed my dietary habits, including drinking vegetable soups, taking vitamins, ω- 3, and joined Christianity and prayed.

However, by August I noticed that my body was getting weaker, and I could not take care of myself in daily activities. My sense of smell was also degrading, and I couldn't smell anything. Greatly concerned, I went back to see my attending physician. However, the doctor said that it was due to stress and that I shouldn’t be greatly worried.

In September, I once again experienced a severe headaches. I returned to the hospital for check-ups. Because it was during the examination period, I did an MRI and CT scanning. Once I fainted on the road because of a headache and was rushed to the hospital. However, the results from blood tests did not show any abnormalities, and the doctor only prescribed some painkillers and asked me to come back.

I came back on the second day. The MRI scanning found that in just 2 months after my surgery, the abnormal cells have spread again in my brains. The doctor was very apologetic, he said that he has never seen this situation in his career, and there may be no effective treatments for it.

I then went back to chemotherapy and electrotherapy. My uncle who lives in the US was concerned and has been praying for me, After completing my 10th electrotherapy, he sent me a word of the month on Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan and related product material. Even though fucoidan was new to me, I treated it as a gift from God through my devoted uncle, so I began taking fucoidan. I took 4 capsules in the morning, noon and evening, and 9 capsules before bed, a total of 21 capsules. At the same time, I was also taking anti-abnormal cell prescriptions like TYKERB and Xeloda. Initially, I was experiencing some side effects, like reduced appetite, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, and memory difficulty. Even though the side effects were unpleasant, I still keep on taking fucoidan and pray for God's blessing.

After a period of time, these side effects had been significantly reduced. My appetite improved, and I became more energetic. The result from the MRI scanning on November 29th showed that the abnormal cells in my brain had been shrunken by 3/4. The doctors were greatly surprised. After a while, aside from the dryness with my hands and feet, all other side effects had been disappeared. I could finally pick up my 6-year old son whom I had previously sent them to live with my parents-in-law. I then adjusted the fucoidan intake to 20 capsules daily: 4 capsules each in the morning, afternoon and evening, and 8 capsules before bed.

My examination in April of 2011 showed that there were no longer any residual abnormal cells with me. My doctors said this was a miracle-like result, and I was extremely grateful!

I am currently still taking fucoidan. Even though it is a bit of a financial burden, but without fucoidan, I could not have possibly regained my health. I thank God for bringing me fucoidan through my uncle. It is certainly a miracle and a gift from God. I sincerely pray and hope that people who have gone through the same pain as me can experience the miracle and blessing from God through Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan.