Fucoidan Product Safety: JHFA Certification

Fucoidan supplement's quality and safety

The JHFA Mark is a certification mark awarded by the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association (JHNFA), a public interest incorporated foundation, to health foods that meet the association’s standards. JHFA Mark standards are extremely strict and any product considered inadequate will not be certified. While there are many fucoidan supplements on the market, knowing that Fucoidan Umi No SHizuku’s quality is certified by a third party organization means that you can take our fucoidan product with complete peace of mind.

JHFA: a sign of safety and high quality in health foods

Three Key JHFA Certification Standards

Fucoidan supplement safety for JFHA certificate

Many fucoidan products claim to be made-in-Japan but not many of these products are actually on sale in Japan. JHFA requires certified products to be manufactured in JHNFA-accredited factories and to have a record of being distributed and sold in Japan as a fucoidan product.

high-molecule polysaccharide

The many health benefits of fucoidan are thought to derive from it being a high-molecule polysaccharide. There are some low-molecule fucoidan supplements available, but the JHFA will only certify high-molecule fucoidan products, which are closer to fucoidan in its natural state and can be expected to have greater effects. Specifically, the JHFA requires certified products to be made up of at least 70% high-molecule fucoidan with a molecular weight of more than 10,000.

Okinawa Mozuku

It is vital that the quality and content of supplements are approved not just by the manufacturer but also by a third party organization.

The JHFA will only certify products made with fucoidan derived from high-quality fucoidan sources, namely Okinawa Mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus), Mekabu(Undaria pinnatifida), and Gagome Kombu(Saccharina sculpera).

*Fucoidan products made with fucoidan derived from Hibamata (Fucus) will NOT be certified.

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