Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan Corporate Responsibility and Charity Activities

Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan Corporate Responsibility and Charity Activities

With people-centered as its corporate mission, Umi No Shizuku is committed to helping people to improve their quality of life and living standards. Aside from offering the highest quality fucoidan products produced to the most stringent scientific integrity and a comprehensive customer service system, Umi No Shizuku is also actively engaged in exercising its social responsibilities, supporting various charity groups over the past decades and participating in charity events to reach out and help more people.

Umi No Shizuku and the American Abnormal Cells Society:

The American Abnormal Cells Society is a national non-profit organization. Composed of volunteers, the society provides educational information on abnormal celss prevention and treatment, organizes scientific research into anti-abnormal cells strategies, and providing unconditional support and assistance to patients having abnormal cells. In addition, the society also holds anti-abnormal cells promotional activities to various social communities in order to raise the awareness of abnormal cells in the population.

In response to the call by the American Abnormal Cells Society, Umi No Shizuku regularly provides donation each year and also participates in the Southern Californian Chinese Relay for Life.

American Abnormal Cells Society

Umi No Shizuku and the Hong Kong Abnormal Cells Organization

The Banyan Service is a charitable organization composed of volunteers in Hong Kong. Their mission: to provide quality services for elders living by themselves and affected by relocation projects, such as assistance in relocation, volunteer visits, household furnishing, maintenance and installation, referral services and application of financial aids.

The missions of the Children's Abnormal Cells Foundation are to improve the quality of life for young patients and their families, and to provide comprehensive services for their physical, psychological and social well-being; to help physicians improve the survival rates of children with abnormal cells, and to assist major public hospitals in Hong Kong to upgrade equipment and services in pediatric oncology.

Umi No Shizuku has raised HK$93,000 for the Banyan Service and the Children's Abnormal Cells Foundation, hoping to help the young patient and seniors living alone in Hong Kong.

Umi No Shizuku and other Abnormal Cells Organization

Aside from the long term support of the American Abnormal Cells Society,Umi No Shizuku is also actively engaged in contacting and supporting other various abnormal cells charity organizations, providing aids and assistance when needed. Some of the larger non-profit anti-abnormal cells organizations Umi No Shizuku has supported in the past years include:

Abnormal Cells Support Community :

A global non-profit anti-Abnormal Cells organization led by professionals. The organization is dedicated to providing unconditional services for patients in need, including psychological guidance, material support and daily care, as well as strengthening the society's awareness ofabnormal cells.

Susan G. Komen for the cure:

The largest Breast-Abnormal Cells foundation in the world since its inception, the foundation has been dedicated to finding the ways to completely eradicate breast abnormal cells, and provides support for patients having abnormal cell in breast.

Vietnamese American Abnormal Cells Foundation :

A non-profit organization established for the Vietnamese communities in the United States dedicated to assisting the Vietnamese immigrants in the U.S. to fight against abnormal cells, advocate anti-abnormal cells knowledge, and promote abnormal cells research to improve the awareness of abnormal cells in Vietnamese residents.

Umi No Shizuku and other charity organizations

Umi No Shizuku is dedicated to supporting both the patients and disadvantaged minorities in the society, doing our best to improve their quality of life. The main charitable organizations supported by the Umi No Shizuku include:

March of Dimes:

The missions are to protect the safety of mothers and babies and prevent premature births and other birth issues, as well as to conduct research on congenital diseases in infants.

Keiro Senior HealthCare:

A non-profit organization established for improving the quality of life of Japanese seniors living in U.S. The organization provides volunteer services and targeted psychological and living supports for Japanese seniors in America.

Japan America Society Japan Relief Fund:

A foundation established to assist the victims of the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and to provide support to the rebuild efforts.


A non-profit clinic that provides medical services for low income households or groups with few or without health insurance overages. The services include ophthalmology, dentistry, regular diseases and severe diseases like abnormal cells.


An alliance comprised of people from all walks of life and with different religious backgrounds and ethnicity. Provides one-on-one aids for people in need, and to assist those struggling with poverty, as well as increasing the awareness of the society to poverty.


This fund is mainly to help people living in poverty as well as those are homeless in Vietnam.

UMI NO SHIZUKU (Kamerycah (Hong Kong) Ltd.) has been having the gratitude to contribute to the community, and is always in our mind to take up the responsibility towards the development and the progress of the society. The above-mentioned institutions only served part of the charity's support UMI NO SHIZUKU had for the past over 10 years. We continue our spirit in helping more people for the betterments in their quality of life. We are prepared to help out widely by donations to more nonprofit organizations. Also, we would be happy for approaching us for donation if required.