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Fucoidan Umi No Shizuku is
always here to help you stay healthy.

Friendly customer support from fucoidan experts and fucoidan consultants

Your dedicated counselor will be there to support you in your fucoidan life.


To be healthy is to be happy with your life,
spend quality time with the people you love,
and be able to laugh from the bottom of your heart.

At UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan, in order to provide the best possible support for a healthy lifestyle, we begin with an in-depth interview with each individual customer about their current lifestyle. We then assist each customer in selecting the fucoidan product most suited to their needs.

Providing support in your language

UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan comes from the waters of Okinawa and is loved around the world. We understand the importance of being able to talk frankly in a language you’re familiar with. That’s why we can provide support in the language you feel most comfortable using, be that Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese. Our specialist counselors are here to talk through your questions and concerns.


We are counselors trained in fucoidan and supplement safety

All UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan counselors are fucoidan experts who have completed training programs on fucoidan and supplements, and who update and deepen their knowledge and understanding of fucoidan on a regular basis. Whether you’re taking fucoidan for the first time or are worried whether you will be able to persist with fucoidan, our counselors will be able to answer whatever questions you have. They are happy to discuss issues relating to fucoidan supplements by other companies, for example if you’re struggling to decide which fucoidan supplement to take or you’re currently taking another company’s fucoidan supplements but not feeling any significant effects. Please get in touch with any and all queries and concerns.


Fucoidan Q&A

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  • What is the difference between the capsule type and the power type?
  • How much fucoidan should I be taking per day?
  • Are there any side effects of taking fucoidan?

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Feedback from UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan customers

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3 ways to contact us

3 ways to contact us

1. Office consultation:

Visit our office to see our fucoidan products and select the right one for you.

2. Telephone consultation:

Telephone consultations are conducted via a toll free number. Customer Support (English Line): 1-888-316-3033

3. Email consultation:

Please fill out the required details on this form. An UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan counselor will be in touch.


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