Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Fucoidan is a slimy constituent from the brown seaweeds such as Mozuku, Mekabu or Kombu. It is a water-soluble dietary fiber. Chemically, Fucoidan is a polysaccharide, composed mainly of fucose.
Fucoidan is not a chemically synthesized drug. It is made from natural ingredients from brown seaweeds such as Mozuku and Mekabu. Therefore, there is no side effects to be worried about! This product has been available on the market for 17 years and there has been no reports of side effects. However, as brown seaweeds contain fucoidan and rich in water soluble dietary fibers, you may experience softer stool when taking large quantity of fucoidan. This means the supplement is working normally. However, this is only temporary, and will resume normal after a while.
Fucoidan is not a drug. It is a natural ingredient extracted from brown seaweeds such as Mozuku and Mekabu. Taking fucoidan with other medications will not result in adverse effects, as it is the same as eating seaweed after taking drug. However, if you have any questions, please contact our customer service agent.
We recommend taking fucoidan four times a day: morning, noon, evening and before bedtime. The human body's natural immunity is at its highest activity during daytime. When the body is at rest (sleeping), the immune system is also at resting state. Therefore, the abnormal cells will be most active when the human body is at rest. Therefore, it is important to take fucoidan before sleeping!
Fucoidan is a natural health food composed of natural, soluble dietary fibers extracted from the slimy constituent of brown seaweeds like Mozuku and Mekabu. This polysaccharide is a necessary carbohydrate for adults and children, therefore it is safe for everyone to use. However, since the health status of each person is different, the dosage for each person will differ. For more information, please contact our customer service agent (telephone: 2967 4560).
The powder type fucoidan is used for daily health supplement, improving immunity and prevent chronic diseases. It contains fucoidan extract from Mozuku and Mekabu, Agaricus mycelium extract, brewer's yeast, young barley leaves and green tea. Each powder type contains 100mg of fucoidan. The capsule type is for health maintenance and is suggested for patient with chronic diseases of phase 1-4 abnormal cells. It contains fucoidan extracted from Mozuku and Mekabu, as well as Agaricus mycellium extracts. Each capsule contains 212.5 mg of fucoidan; 1 capsule contains dosage of about two packs of powder.
Each bottle of the liquid fucoidan contains about 10 capsules of fucoidan contents, containing 2,125mg of fucoidan. It is a convenient and more effective choice for patients who are vomiting due to treatment, patients with throat inflammation, difficulty in swallowing, or weak health.
We recommend user to drink the bottle slow in 2-3 sips. If you have taken milk products, we suggest waiting for half an hour before taking fucoidan. As there are no preservatives, please finish the bottle as soon as you can after it has been opened, otherwise seal the cap tightly and store in the refrigerator. We suggest finish the bottle within 1 day after it has been opened.
Many global health organizations such as the WHO and US FDA suggest taking iodine as daily essential nutrient. The lowest recommended daily intake of iodine is 0.15mg, and for children age 13 or under, the recommendation is 0.09-0.15mg. The recommended daily maximum intake is 0.67mg. Each capsule of the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan contains only 0.0014mg of iodine. Therefore, even to take daily upper limit of 0.67mg iodine intake, you would need to take about 470 capsules per day. This means you will not have to worry about taking in excessive amount of iodine from Umi no Shizuku Fucoidan.
Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan is a high quality dietary supplement with natural ingredients selected for their demonstrated ability to meet the health needs. Our fucoidan formula is not just individual, its ingredients can complement each other and absorbed by the body to achieve maximum effectiveness. Each biological component is combined at the optimum ratio and method, which acts to enhance their functions and overall effectiveness. The ingredients combine to provide full nourishment, supports and promotes specific biological processes, so the body can function normally. Working together with the body's natural processes, these supplements can provide physiological balance and superb nourishment in a reliable and in depth way.
The Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan capsule is made from 100% plant-based capsule (HPMC), zero calorie, and suitable for vegetarian users. Plant-based capsule is a safe food that has been certified, and is widely used in food and supplement industry, no adverse side effects and absolutely safe.
The recommended daily intake of sodium is 2,000mg per day. Each capsule of the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan contains 9.1mg of sodium (or 0.5% of daily intake level); the liquid form of fucoidan contains 75mg of sodium (3.2% daily intake level). Additionally, the recommended daily intake level of iodine is 0.2 to 2mg per day. Each capsule of the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan contains 0.0014mg of iodine (0.007% of daily intake level); the liquid form of fucoidan contains 0.014mg of iodine (0.7% of daily intake level). Therefore, the level of sodium and iodine in the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan is at a very safe level. Of course, for the benefit of health, it is recommended to pay attention to daily diet.
You can take fucoidan at any time If you are taking larger dosage, we recommend taking it four times per day. Generally, it is best to take fucoidan half an hour before meals (breakfast, lunch and supper), and the last time before bed is also an important dosage. Since during sleep time the human body's immune system is at resting state, and the abnormal cells are highly active at this period, taking fucoidan before sleep will assist in improving immunity. Taking fucoidan before meals may assist in stabilizing blood sugar.
Yes, you can. Because fucoidan is produced from natural seaweed ingredients, it will not produce drug resistance or side effects. You may also consult your doctor for advice.
Because fucoidan is a water-soluble fiber, it can assist in improving constipation. Initially after taking fucoidan, you may experience softer stools (but not diarrhea), which should return to normal after using for 1 to 2 weeks.
Yes, you can. The Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan is made from natural seaweeds and contain no medicinal components, so it will not affect the treatments. Additionally, fucoidan can reduce the side effects of treatments and improve quality of life for the patient.
You can choose the liquid form of the Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan, the flavor is pleasant, not bitter nor fishy. Customer may also choose to open the capsule and carefully dissolve the fucoidan into the water, stir and drink; Fucoidan can also be dissolved in soup or congees.